The Terminator T-800   Cyberdyne Systems Model 101  1 oz .999 Silver Reverse Proof

What better way to depict the iconic endoskeleton, undoubtledly instrumental to the success of The Terminator movie franchise, then to create his recognizable image in .999 Fine SILVER!!   After all, the T-800 is an International star of the Silver Screen.


Product Details



Metal                       Fine Silver 
Finish                      Proof
Weight                    1 Troy Ounce
Purity                       .999
Thickness                3.048 mm
Diameter                  38 mm
Edge                        Smooth
Mintage                    5,000
Number                    Random*

Eyes                         Colorized Red


Manufactured           SMI

Encapsulated in Airtite Capsule


*Number Engraved on Edge


This design, created by Michael S. Berman and exceptionally sculpted by world renowned metal sculptress, Heidi Wastweet, is a high relief, Reverse Proof*.


  • Obverse: The Terminator's face is based off the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Terminator that was sent by Skynet in 2029 to Los Angeles in 1984 to kill Sarah Connor, the future mother of John Connor, the leader of the future human resistance. Behind the face shows the carnage that follows this machine's path.


  • Reverse: The tagline that launched the franchise is shown at the top, along with               "THE TERMINATOR", the killing machine as depicted in the                         original Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 blueprints.



Fantastically executed by Sunshine Minting, Inc. who was the manufacturer

for this art round.


Round Highlights:


  • Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Round comes encapsulated with a the serial number engraved on the edge. Also included is a numbered  COA along with a Terminator-themed holder.
  • Limited mintage of 5,000 rounds.
  • Edge is engraved with serial number matching the certificate of authenticity.




*A reverse proof coin is a coin that is struck in the same manner as a normal proof coin, except that the fields are frosty and the raised devices are mirror-like. The term reverse proof does not mean that only the reverse side of the coin is struck in proof finish. The entire coin is in proof finish, with the "reverse" meaning stemming from the fact that the fields are frosty (rather than the devices.)

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